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SHORE teams

SHORE teams is the trusted partner for businesses looking to build top-tier software development teams in Nearshore and Offshore locations. With expert guidance, they help clients find and select the best talent to meet their specific needs. With over 30,000 skilled developers in their extensive network and deep industry knowledge, they are the leading broker in the Nearshore and Offshore SW Development market.

Type :

Brand Strategy, Customer Acquisition

Services :

Referral, Email, UI/UX, Creative Design

Category :

Tech, IT, Business Services

Model :

B 2 B

The Challenge

SHORE teams faced a challenge in expanding their revenue streams and decided to explore the power of referral marketing programs. With over 20,000 clients in their database, they knew they had a tremendous opportunity to leverage client satisfaction and encourage them to refer new businesses. But they needed the help of a skilled agency to design and implement a streamlined referral program campaign that could drive conversions. That’s where we came in.

Full view of referral marketing program landing page design by Nar Agency.

The Strategy & Objectives

We worked closely with SHORE teams to create a referral program campaign that focused on simplicity and ease of use. Our goal was to create a frictionless experience for potential referrers that maximized sign-ups and engagement. To do this, we focused on crafting a clear and concise value proposition and implementing effective messaging across multiple channels.

Our primary objective was to increase the number of referrals and conversions while improving the overall engagement and satisfaction of the SHORE team’s clients. We aimed to generate brand awareness and, at the same time, acquire new customers by designing and implementing a streamlined referral program campaign.

Our Solution & The Results

We designed and developed a custom landing page that streamlined the referral sign-up process, removing unnecessary steps and making it as easy as possible for users to engage with the campaign. We also created a custom email template for the promotional campaign and developed messaging for a LinkedIn outreach campaign to invite potential referral partners.

Our campaign exceeded all expectations, generating a significant increase in the number of referrals and conversions. We achieved a sign-up rate that exceeded our initial targets and a conversion rate that was significantly higher than the SHORE team’s previous marketing efforts. The campaign also received positive feedback from clients, who praised its simplicity and ease of use. Overall, our work helped SHORE teams significantly increase their revenue and client satisfaction while also providing valuable insights into effective referral program marketing strategies.


Our team provided a range of services for this campaign, including:

Complete landing page design for referral marketing program on three cards.

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