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Standing Out with Unique Branding

The Deal Potential Branding Case Study

DealPotential (formerly Pitchagon) is a data and research company founded in Sweden and launched in 2022, with a global presence. They specialize in gathering and analyzing financial and fund data from around the world, as well as alternative data on non-public companies, and offer a comprehensive global fund data platform. Their SaaS platform helps tech companies and investors (VCs and PEs) find unique data and insights about matching investment opportunities. 

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Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines

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FinTech, Financial Services

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B 2 B, End-to-End Support

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The Challenge

Deal Potential approached us with a branding challenge: their SaaS platform was not differentiating itself from competitors. We got tasked with creating a distinct brand identity and guidelines that aligned with the platform’s unique value proposition and set it apart. Our goal was to develop a branding strategy that helped the platform better communicate with its target audience while maintaining the overarching Deal Potential brand.

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The Strategy

To tackle Deal Potential’s branding challenge, we developed a comprehensive strategy. Our first step was to conduct extensive research into the needs and preferences of the platform’s target audience. This research helped us gain insights into the unique value proposition and the target audience’s motivations and pain points.

With these insights, we crafted a strategy that included developing a distinct brand identity that would appeal to the target audience and help differentiate the platform from competitors.

Throughout the process, we kept the parent brand in mind, ensuring that the new brand identity aligned with Deal Potential’s overall mission and values. The result was a comprehensive branding strategy that effectively communicated the unique value proposition of the SaaS platform and set it apart from competitors while maintaining the Deal Potential brand’s integrity.

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Our Solution

We worked closely with the Deal Potential team to enhance their existing logo and create a color palette, typography, and brand guidelines that represented the personality of their SaaS platform. Our branding services helped Deal Potential create a distinct brand identity that would appeal to its target audience while maintaining a consistent overall brand.

To ensure consistency across all touchpoints, we also created templates for social media content and other marketing materials. These templates were designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate the platform’s future growth and development.

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To develop a comprehensive branding solution, we closely collaborated with the Deal Potential team and provided the following services:

Outdoor billboard design by Nar Agency as part of SaaS branding services.

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