Revitalizing COMEL Transformers with Stunning Visual Design and Branding Services

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Reigniting Comel Brand

COMEL Transformers Brand Activation Case Study

COMEL is an established company with a decades-long tradition in electrical engineering. They specialize in manufacturing power transformers, as well as designing, engineering, servicing, and selling low, medium, and high-voltage equipment. Their partners and suppliers include global companies such as General Electric, ABB, WEG, Finder, Siemens, and Schneider Electric.


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The Challenge

COMEL Transformers, a company with decades of experience in electro energy, needed to boost its brand through brand activation activities that would better connect with customers and increase brand awareness. In addition, they faced a challenge in showcasing their products in a visually stunning way that would help them stand out from their competitors. They needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that would not only reactivate their brand but also increase their bottom line.

COMEL Power Transformer Product Shot

The Strategy

We developed a comprehensive brand activation strategy to meet COMEL Transformers’ goals of revitalizing its brand image and increasing brand awareness. We decided to start with visually stunning product photography to showcase COMEL’s products uniquely and compellingly. We would then use those visuals to design brochures and sales enablement content and provide visual branding for trade shows. By creating a consistent brand image across all platforms and touchpoints, we were able to give COMEL an impressive presence at events and increase engagement on social media. Overall, our comprehensive strategy successfully achieved the goals of boosting COMEL’s brand presence and making them stand out in its industry.

COMEL Website Design with 3D Visual Elements

Our Solution

To help COMEL Transformers achieve their objectives, we developed a comprehensive solution that included visually stunning product photography, marketing collaterals such as brochures and sales enablement content, visual branding for trade shows, and website updates. The goal was to showcase COMEL’s products while effectively communicating its brand messaging. Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of COMEL’s market position, competition, and target audience to develop a tailored plan that maximized the impact and drove results. The final solution incorporated various design and marketing elements to create a cohesive and impactful brand image.

Product Catalog design services, Nar Agency provided for our Power Transformer client. Showcasing our branding and visual design expertise.


Our services focused on brand activation and included a range of design solutions such as:

COMEL Transformer Product Photography Billboard Mockup

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